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Ultimate Rift Power Leveling Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate Rift Power Leveling Guide. This Rift Leveling guide is designed by players for players to help anyone from total noob to veteran players fly through levels one through 50 in a breeze and with ease!

Guide Contents

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Questing

2.1 Zone Progression
2.2 Staying in the Proper Areas
2.3 Quest Gear vs. Auction House Gear
2.4 Grouping Up

3.0 Dungeons

3.1 Dungeon Level Ranges

3.2 When Dungeons are Faster EXP

3.3 Rewards for Dungeons

3.4 Pros and Cons

4.0 Rifts

4.1 Combo it With Questing

4.2 Level Range Importance

4.3 Rewards for Completing Rifts

4.4 Pros and Cons

5.0 PVP

5.1 Use it as a Break

5.2 Rewards for PVP

5.3 Pros and Cons

6.0 General Tips and Tricks

6.1 Builds Designed for Leveling

  • Rogue
  • Warrior
  • Mage
  • Cleric

6.2 Logging Out in Tow

6.3 Keeping Gear Up to Date

6.4 Don’t Burn Yourself Out


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1.0 Introduction

Again, Welcome to the Ultimate Rift Leveling Guide! This guide is designed to give you the tips, tricks, and tools required to quickly level through all of Telara. The Ultimate Rift Leveling Guide covers everything From Questing to PVP giving in-depth strategies on all aspects of leveling. Taking time to explore all of the benefits and withdraws of all facets of experience gaining.

2.0 Questing

Leveling in rift is very fast paced for the first 40 levels slowing down in the final stretch to 50. Questing is by far the fastest way to make your way to greatness with the most benefits to it.

The Ultimate Rift Leveling Guide will show you how to make the most of these benefits and speed up the questing process immensely. We’ll cover things like staying in your proper level range of questing, the benefits given through questing and much more in this section.

2.1 Zone Progression

Rift ZonesHere is a list of all the zones in rift and their appropriate level ranges. Make sure to stay within these ranges or risk facing opponents who are too powerful or a large decrease to the amounts of experience you’re gaining.

• Freemarch (Defiant) 1-19
• Silverwood (Guardian) 1-19
• Stonefield (Defiant) 19-27
• Gloamwood (Guardian) 19-27
• Scarlet Gorge 27-30
• Scarwood Reach 27-30
• Moonshade Highlands 36-40
• Droughtlands 36-44
• Iron Pine Peaks 41-47
• Shimmersand 45-50
• Stillmoor 45-50

2.2 Staying in the Proper Areas

As mentioned above making sure that you’re questing in an area that is right for your level is crucial to leveling quickly. Make sure the quests you are doing have yellow titles being displayed in your quest log or on your quest display on the side of your screen.

If you out level an area and the quests become green you will receive less experience for completing the quest. Also if the quest is green that means that the monsters you will be fighting will more than likely be more than 2 levels lower than you which will reduce the amount of EXP that will be rewarded for killing them. Don’t ever hesitate to abandon your quests in one area and move to the next if you’ve out leveled it.

2.3 Quest Gear vs. AH Gear

Rift Auction HouseKeeping your gear up to date is important for questing and can be done simply by collecting the armor and weapons that you receive for quest rewards and replacing old pieces as you find new ones.

However, gear from the Auction House (or AH for future reference) can in most cases be better than those you receive from questing and can be replaced at any time.

If you want to spend extra money into a character hunt the AH for rare pieces of gear with better stats on them usually items with a blue name are higher quality than those with green names at the same level and for at least a few levels above. The better your gear, the faster you’ll level.

2.4 Grouping Up

One of the best ways to increase your experience gained is to group up with other players. With more players in a group you can complete quests quicker that involve killing a number of foes. The experience you gain from killing monsters is not reduced either.

Public parties are a great feature that allows you to group up with any player you meet that has their party status set to public. When you see a player working on the same quests as you click on them and you’ll notice a small icon above their portrait click on it to join their public party.

Partying up with friends or guild members and leveling up together is a great idea, right now questing in a group is by far the fastest way to level your character to 50. If you can get a group of people to level together on a regular basis it is highly recommended. Even one other person does worlds of help.

2.5 Other Benefits of Questing

Aside from being the fastest way to level questing through the game gives you items you can sell to make extra money along the way and it also gives you Notability with different factions in the game which in turn gives you access to powerful items and gear from their quartermasters.

3.0 DungeonsRift Dungeons
The next section of the Ultimate Rift Power Leveling Guide is going to cover dungeons, doing dungeons can be faster than questing in some instances.

However you can’t always be sure of how a party doing a dungeon will turn out.

Also experience received from dungeons tapers off as you reach the higher end of their level range.


3.1 Dungeon List and Level Ranges

Guardian Specific Dungeons
Realm of the Fae 17-21
Darkening Deeps 21-27
Defiant Specific Dungeons
Iron Tomb 17-21
Deepstrike Mine 23-28
Dungeons for both factions
The Foul Cascade 28-32
King’s Breach 33-37
Runic Descent 38-42
The Fall of Lantern Hook 42-46
Charmer’s Caldera 48-50
Abyssal Precipice 48-50

3.2 When Dungeons are Faster EXP

Dungeon Monsters RiftDungeons can be some of the fastest experience in the game depending entirely upon the circumstances in which you’re doing them.

For the most part you will want to keep yourself out of dungeons and out questing until you either have quests there or are in the lower end of the range and can do the quests available inside the instance not including the repeatable automatic quests.

If you are at the lower end of a dungeons level range and can get a group that can clear the place without much effort, to run the dungeon multiple times you will see your experience bar filling up like crazy.

Unfortunately, this will decrease as you get closer to reaching the end of the dungeons level range.

Something even better than a group, is if you have a higher level character capable of soloing the dungeon themselves run you through it repeatedly. This means you are completing the dungeon much quicker than you would with people your level and can fit more runs into the time you’re playing than you could otherwise. This is one of the fastest ways in the game to gain EXP; this technique can only be used for lower level dungeons though so if you have the opportunity take advantage of it while you can.

Be careful to not out level the area you are questing in doing dungeons unless you are willing to abandon your now low level quests and move on to a new area with higher level quests.

3.3 Rewards for Dungeons

Usually aside from the benefits of fast experience in dungeons you can find more powerful weapons and armor off of the bosses. These items will generally be more powerful than anything you’ll get from questing. Otherwise you will get trash loot you can sell to vendors for some extra cash. 

3.4 Pros and Cons

• Pros
Faster experience than in some cases
Stronger gear comes from bosses
Quests in Dungeons have better rewards in both EXP and Items

• Cons
If a party is not capable of completing a dungeon it can become a waste of time
The rate of experience tapers off as you reach the end of the level range of the dungeon resulting in a dramatic decrease in experience gained
Finding groups can be difficult and time consuming(Especially for DPS)

4.0 Rifts

RiftsRifts are another way to gain experience in Rift. Rifts appear across all the different zones of Telara each one with a specific plane. Death Rifts appear throughout all of the zones along with the zone specific type of rift. The different types of rifts are: life, death, earth, air, fire and water.

Aside from their planar properties rifts are divided into major and minor rifts. Major Rifts spawn elite monsters which are harder to kill than normal and will reward more experience. Minor rifts spawn normal monsters that can be soloed with proper planning.

It’s important to take part in Rift Events because they will spawn invasions that will travel to nearby quest hubs and kill the NPCs that inhabit it. Not much is more annoying than finding out your quest givers have been killed by an invasion and you have to wait for them to respawn to turn in all the quests you just finished. 

4.1 Combo with Questing

Rift QuestsThe idea of doing rifts to level exclusively is a terrible one at best; rifts are best used to supplement your experience while questing. When you’re running around a zone and a rift pops up nearby and you see it either on your map or from where you’re currently at floating in the sky.

Check the level and if it’s the same level or within one to two levels above or below you, go see if there are other players participating in the rift event.

Don’t go out of your way for a rift and generally speaking you’re not going to want to try and solo a rift, the experience gained isn’t worth the time spent stopping it. If no one else is doing a rift, it never hurts to ask in the channel for the zone if anyone wants to come do it, don’t invest too much time in it though.

4.2 The Importance of Level Range
As with everything we’ve discussed so far in the Ultimate Rift Leveling Guide, the range of your level compared to the level of the rift you are doing is key. If your level is too high for the rift you will receive almost no experience at all. If the rift is higher level than you it will be more difficult to survive the battle unless you have lots of players taking part in it.

If a Rift is three or more levels below you don’t bother with it unless it’s a major rift and then only when the rift is three to four levels lower than you. The decrease in experience gained is not worth the effort just keep plugging through your quests and let someone else handle it.

4.3 Rewards for Completing Rifts

When you complete a rift you are automatically given items for how much you contributed to closing the rift. These items include currency used to purchase stronger gear from vendors as well as consumables that will aid in future rifts or in other situations.

The more contribution points a player has at the end of a rift affects their reward. Top contributing players receive better rewards in the form of increased amounts of items as well as rare items. There is no limit to the amount of players who can participate in a rift; however, there is a limit to the rare items given out once the rift is closed.

4.4 Pros and Cons

• Pros

Good supplement to leveling
Fast experience when completing with a group
Guaranteed rewards for completing

• Cons

Not a reliable source of EXP due to random nature
Not efficient to solo
Can spawn invasions that can kill NPCs in towns if not stopped

5.0 PVP

Rift PVPPvP is the least effective and quite possibly one of the more fun ways to gain experience. The problem with PvP is that the difference in experience in winning in losing is so significant that it’s not worth taking the risk.

The EXP gained in Warfronts makes a much bigger difference low level, winning a warfront can bring almost a quarter of a level in experience depending entirely how you do.

If you want to become familiar with PVP take some time low level and grind warfronts for a while. In the 10-19 bracket even losing fills a good chunk of your experience bar.

5.1 Use it as a Break

When you feel the weight of questing and dungeon grinding weighing down on you take some time to do some warfronts to break the pace of the game for you. This way you can still gain experience points without having to deal with the monotony of constantly questing.

5.2 Rewards for PVP

When you participate in warfronts or other PVP combat you receive Favor for killing opponents, completing objectives, and in the case of warfronts just participating. Winning a warfront will also give the entire winning team a large boost to their favor gained. Favor can be used to purchase gear and items from the different PVP faction quartermasters as well as the PVP Soul for each class.

5.3 Pros and Cons

• Pros

Large amounts of experience given for winning warfronts
A change of pace from the usual ways to level
Gain Favor and Reputation with PVP Factions

• Cons

Too much chance in losing to make the time investment
As you get to higher levels the experience earned is less significant
Queues for warfronts can sometimes take a while and pop up at bad times

6.0 General Tips and Tricks

The final portion of the Ultimate Rift Leveling Guide is here to cover some basic little tips and tricks that people don’t think of sometimes that can make a world of difference in your experience playing, as well as, your speed of leveling. We will also cover the Ultimate Rift Leveling Guide’s top solo builds for each of the four different classes briefly.

6.1 Classes

These builds are all designed to level fast with high survivability and utility and are the top recommended builds by the Ultimate Rift Leveling Guide. The Builds will only be covered briefly here; however, you can see more details on them in our class specific guides.


Warrior Class RiftThis build focuses on using the Champion Beastmaster and Paragon souls for a dual wielding fast attacking high damage warrior. Champion is the main soul in this spec and will receive the majority of your talent points.

The idea behind the spec is to give the warrior AoE attacks to handle multiple enemies at once, attacks that cause additional bleed damage over time and boost the damage the warrior and his pet are inflicting while benefiting from the damage and parry bonuses from the Paragon Soul.

The warriors pet can also tank for the warrior keeping the enemies attention on itself so the warrior doesn’t have to worry about taking as much damage in fights.  


Rogue Class RiftThe build that we recommend for power leveling uses the Saboteur Marksman and Ranger souls. The point of this build is to do heavy ranged damage while allowing your 0 point pet from Ranger to Tank.

Most of your points will go into the marksman tree aiming for anything that increases damage or critical strike chance. Put at least 8 points into Ranger for “Divert Rage” so that if you ever are in a situation where you need to quickly manage several monsters at once you can use that and then AoE the lot of them and send them to your pet.

Remember to use “Rejuvenate” frequently when fighting multiple opponents. Put 5 points into Saboteur for the 15% dexterity increase.


Rift MageThe Ultimate Rift Power Leveling Guide’s top pick for mage builds uses the Necromancer, Chloromancer and Dominator souls.

Necromancer is the main soul of the build with Chloromancer and Dominator being used specifically for their 0 point abilities.

Necromancer provides you with a pet, high damage, low down time and the ability to heal yourself and your pet. Just plug your points into the tree and smash through your levels with a quickness.

Dominator is used for its 0 point Crowd Control ability to help out in situations where you are fighting multiple enemies. Meanwhile, Chloromancer provides a 0 point debuff that grants a small chance for an ally to heal themselves for the damage they deal when attacking.


Rift ClericThe top cleric power leveling build the Ultimate Rift Power Leveling Guide recommends to its users is a Melee Build using the Shaman, Druid, and Warden souls.

The build combos up Shaman and Druid beautifully for large amounts of melee damage using a 2 handed weapon.

The Druid’s faerie pet casts a HOT (Heal over time) on it’s master at the start of fights for some extra support. The Warden Soul is used strictly for its 0 point ability Healing Spray for some additional healing when things get rough. 


6.2 Logging Out in Town (Rested EXP)

When the time comes for you to log out take the time to move your character into a town so that while you are away your character gains Rested EXP. Even if you’ll only be gone for a few hours the bonus to experience gained is worth it, unless of course, it will cost you a large amount of time to return to where you need to be to continue your questing.

The Ultimate Rift Power Leveling Guide Recommends binding your soul to the porticulus in either faction’s main city. That way whenever it’s time to log out not only are you able to quickly travel to an area where you gain rested experience but you have quick access to class and profession trainers, your bank, the auction house and anything else you may need.

6.3 Don’t Burn Yourself Out

Sometimes in the rush from 1-50, you will find your self feeling burnt out on the game, becoming tired of the same old routine but because you want to reach 50 as quickly as possible you try and drag your way through the misery and on to 50. Don’t do this, while the idea of reaching 50 quickly is important, if you become tired of your class or aggravated with the game you will more than likely slow down in your endeavors.

Instead, you can do things like take a day or two off from the game as a whole or make a new character to play instead of your main, as mentioned above taking the time to do some warfronts may be the change of pace you need as well. When you get back to questing after a short break you will be more enthusiastic about it and inclined to work harder.

6.4 Make Friends

The last thing we’ll be discussing in the Ultimate Rift Power Leveling Guide is the importance of making in game friends who you can team up with for things that you can’t necessarily handle yourself. Being polite and acting as a team player will make people more likely to want to group with you again for dungeons, rifts, questing, etc… Not to mention having friends to talk to in game makes for a much more enjoyable experience overall. If there is one thing you take from the Ultimate Rift Power Leveling Guide it should be this lesson.

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