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Ultimate Rift Platinum Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate Rift Platinum Guide, this Rift Leveling guide is designed to show players how to maximize their income in the game Rift. The tips in this guide are tested techniques for gaining gold and platinum in Rift.

Guide Contents:

1.0 The Basics

1.1 Loot Everything

1.2 Selling Items to Vendors

1.3 The AH


2.0 Crafting

2.1 Gathering Professions

2.2 Production Professions

2.3 Recommended Professions


3.0 Farming

3.1 How to Tell What to Farm

3.2 Easy Farming Ideas


4.0 Selling Personal Services


5.0 Conclusion

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1.0 The Basics

The Following Section of the Ultimate Rift Platinum Guide covers the basics to successfully making money in Rift. It covers looting monsters, vendors, and the AH.

1.1 Loot Everything

Whenever you kill something that can be looted, do it! This is the number one most important rule to making money in Rift.

Rift Platinum Guide

1.2 Selling Items to Vendors

Whenever you come back through town or see a vendor on the road, stop and sell everything you don’t need and won’t be of value on the AH.

Never allow your bags to fill up all the way and if they do take a minute to go empty them.

This is a quick way to add some gold and frequently selling your stuff for small amounts builds up quickly.




Auction House Rift1.3 The AH

The AH or Auction House is a place that allows players to buy or sell items from or to other players.

While leveling stay away from buying gear from the AH, the gear you get from questing and dungeons will work just fine. This saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Sell anything that is of value to other players on the AH as soon as you can. This includes magic items, crafting materials and consumables.

Doing this as you level up adds lots of platinum to your wallet without much effort at all.


Crafting Rift2.0 Crafting

Crafting can be very lucrative; this section of the Ultimate Rift Platinum Guide gives you the information needed to make the most of your professions.

We will cover the different types of professions what each one does and some combinations of professions that are most effective.

You can use these professions to sell to other players or eventually make powerful gear, items, and weapons for yourself.




2.1 Gathering Professions

• Butchery- Collects bones, teeth, and hides from dead animals

• Mining- Extracts Ore from Lodes

• Foraging- Gathers Plants and Wood Logs


2.2 Production Professions

• Outfitting- Creates cloth and leather items

• Runecrafting- Makes runes for augmenting gear and weapons

• Armorsmithing- Creates chain and plate armor, as well as, shields

• Apothecary- Brews flasks, potions, philters, tonics and vials

• Artificing- Makes jewelry and caster weapons

• Weaponsmithing- Crafts melee and ranged weapons


2.3 Recommended Professions:
 Generally speaking any set of professions can be profitable. Currently each character in Rift can take up three separate professions; here are some of the Ultimate Rift Platinum Guide’s top picks for making money through professions.

This set up is a strictly farming based group of professions, materials to make items are always in high demand, especially rare items or those used for power leveling another profession up. The basic idea of this set is that you can collect everything you see and turn around and sell it on the AH quickly.

2x Gathering Professions/Runecrafting:
 This set of professions is much like the above; the difference being Runecrafting allows you to “Runebreak” your magic items into materials to create runes with. Runes augment gear and weapons and are in high demand usually and higher level runes can be very expensive.


 As an apothecary you will need materials gathered through the Butchery and Foraging to create your items. The items Apothecary creates are generally speaking consumables and players will constantly have to buy more creating a constant demand for your product. Anything you don’t need from either gathering profession can be sold on the AH as well.


3.0 Farming

Farming RiftFarming is the act of gathering the same item that is in high demand and selling it on the AH.  For this section of the Ultimate Rift Platinum Guide we’ll cover the idea of farming from monsters instead of farming by gathering professions.

3.1 How to Tell What to Farm

Okay so you’ve decided it’s time to get out and get to farming, but how do you know what to farm? There are a few questions you can ask yourself to decide if any item is worth the effort of farming.

The first question is “How quickly will it sell?” is there a demand for the item? Items that may not sell or will take a while to sell are not always worth the effort even if their price is higher than something that is selling quicker.

Next, ask yourself “How fast can I get it?” if an item is easily obtainable and several stacks or items can be collected in a short period of time that have a high demand you’ve hit the nail on the head with farming. The faster the better, however, if you find an item that takes a while longer to gather large amounts but sells for much more with the same or higher demand that is okay too.

The last question to ask is “Will I be competing for the spot?” some items are in such high demand that players will flood an area to farm them.

If you have a lot of competition for a specific item it’s sometimes better to find another option because if there are too many people in an area you will spend more time standing around not doing anything that you will actually farming. You can avoid this somewhat by planning to farm when the shard is less busy.

Easy Farming Ideas

Look for things to farm like Cloth, Herbs, Ore, and Hides. These are all crafting materials and sell quickly on the AH, anything that is consumable and in demand is also a viable option.

You need to check the AH frequently to see what is going up in price and what’s going down. Also when checking the AH see how flooded the market is with the items you are farming if a lot of them are appearing on the AH then odds are yours will take a while to sell.

4.0 Selling Personal Services
The last thing recommended in the Ultimate Rift Platinum Guide is selling your personal services to people. Right now there aren’t many options as far as this goes and it’s more of a supplemental income to farming.

Once you reach your high 40’s in level (45+) you can considering offering runs through the first and second dungeons. Just put a little advertisement in general chat and see if anyone bites. If you can try to get multiple people at once to have you run them through a place. So you can collect more in a shorter period of time.


5.0 Conclusion

Thank you for using the Ultimate Rift Platinum Guide, after using the tips in here lining your pockets with Platinum should be a breeze and you’ll be living the Telaran high life in no time.

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