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Ultimate Rift Rogue Guide

Ultimate Rift Rogue Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate Rift Rogue Guide, in this Rift Leveling guide we will cover the basics of the rogue soul. Including popular builds for the class, souls available, and more! With the Rift Rouge Guide you’ll have the tools to successfully take a rogue through the plains of Telara with ease and leveling up very fast!

Guide Contents:


1.0 Introduction


2.0 Roles and Souls

2.1 Rogue Soul List

2.2 Melee DPS

2.3 Ranged DPS

2.4 Support

2.5 The Tank

3.0 Popular Builds and Tactics

3.1 PvE Builds and Tactics

3.2 PvP Builds and Tactics


4.0 Conclusion


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1.0 Introduction

Rift Rogue GuideThis portion of the Ultimate Rift Rogue Guide is to give a general overview of the Rogue Class. Of the four classes that are available to play the Rogue is defined by its stealth subtlety and cunning.

It is the only Class in Telara to specialize in leather armor and summoning wild beasts to fight by their sides.

Rogues spend their time in battle waiting for the perfect time to strike their foes, as masters of assassination, poisons and hit and run attacks Rogues use brutal combination attacks to leave their opponents weakened to fall prey to a powerful finishing attack.

2.0 Roles and Souls

Each of the four classes of Telara has 8 souls available for play and 1 PvP soul. This portion of the Ultimate Rift Rogue Guide takes the time to describe these souls and the roles they play in different settings.

2.1 Rogue Soul List

• Nightblade
• Ranger
• Blade Dancer
• Assassin
• Marksman
• Saboteur
• Bard
• Rift Stalker

The rogue has four different roles it can play those being Melee dps, ranged dps, support, and tank. All four are viable play options and offer vastly different styles of play.

2.2 Melee DPS

Rogue Melee DPSMelee DPS are front line fighters who stand in the fray fighting their enemies up close and personal. Rogue melee souls (Blade Dancer/Assassin/Nightblade) specialize in critical strikes stealth and using poisons to cripple and main their foes.

The melee rogue’s main stat is dexterity followed by endurance and strength. When gearing your rogue look for those stats accordingly also look for +Melee Critical Strike and Attack Power on items as well.

2.3 Ranged DPS

The Ranged DPS Souls for Rogue are, Marksman Saboteur and Ranger, All three offer different tactics from the others. Marksman uses powerful ranged attacks to build combo points for huge finishing moves while Saboteur relies on setting charges and traps to create huge burst damage and lastly, the Ranger is a master of the wilds using summoned pets and their bow to fell foes.
2.4 Support

Bard is the support role for rogues, a bard is a minstrel who uses music to empower allies and weaken foes. They assist in healing and buffing the party while doing light damage to enemies. Bards perform well in groups however when traveling solo they may fall prey to stronger monsters they encounter

2.5 The Tank

Rogue RiftstalkerThe tank soul for the rogue class is the Riftstalker, a defensive specialist, capable of reducing and shielding incoming damage from enemies.

Riftstalkers are capable of shifting the planes to teleport and use AoE (Area of Effect) damage and abilities that allow them to generate threat so that monsters will focus on them instead of their allies.


3.0 Popular Builds and Tactics.

In the following section we will discuss some popular builds for solo and group PVE, as well as, PVP Combat. This portion of the Ultimate Rift Rogue Guide is designed to help you get a general idea of how these builds work and how to play them in a general sense.
3.1 Solo Builds

Saboteur Marksman and Ranger RogueThe build that we recommend for solo play uses the Saboteur, Marksman and Ranger souls. The point of this build is to do heavy ranged damage while allowing your 0 point pet from Ranger to Tank.

Most of your points will go into the marksman tree aiming for anything that increases damage or critical strike chance.

Put at least 8 points into Ranger for “Divert Rage” so that if you ever are in a situation where you need to quickly manage several monsters at once you can use that and then AoE the lot of them and send them to your pet.

Remember to use “Rejuvenate” frequently when fighting multiple opponents. Put 5 points into Saboteur for the 15% dexterity increase.

3.2 Group DPS

Marksman Blade Dancer Riftstalker RogueWhen in a party the need for a pet to hold aggro disappears and you have options open up.

For a ranged approach use the Marksman/Blade Dancer/Riftstalker focusing in the marksman tree but put at least 5 points into both Blade Dancer and Riftstalker for the increases in hit chance and attack power.

Both Blade Dancer and Riftstalker could be replaced with Saboteur for the increase in Dexterity.

Your main rotation should be Splinter Shot, Swift Shot, Empowered Shot then Rapid Fire Shot for a buff that increases your auto attack speed. If you are already buffed then use Deadeye Shot for big damage.

If you prefer to be up close Blade Dancer is one of the more viable options. You can combo it with Assassin and Riftstalker for poison to add to your weapons and increased damage.

Put 8 points into Riftstalker for the increased damage talent and Annihilate, a finishing move that gives a 1 minute buff to the rogues attack power when used with 5 combo points.

The points you put into Assassin should go to Ruthlessness and Puncture for an extra 5% to crit and an instant 2 combo point move that ignores the targets armor and causes bleed damage. With those 6 points you’ll get Assassinate which is a great opening move that requires the rogue to be in stealth mode and positioned behind the target granting 2 combo points.

You also get the ability Incapacitate that allows you to incapacitate an enemy for up to 45 seconds while in stealth this helps manage situations where there are too many monsters to handle at once.

The rest of your points go in to blade dancer filling the tree with talents that buff the damage of your attacks raise your hit chance. There are also a few talents that regenerate energy that help the Blade Dancer prevent them from becoming energy starved.

3.3 Support (Off Healer)

Bard RiftRogue support is all bard all the way invest your talent points into making your buffs stronger and increasing their duration.

The most important early on are the talents Invigorated Soul, which makes Cadence heal your party for it’s damage done; and Power Chord for a 2 combo point generating attack combo Cadence and Power Chord for a quick 5 combo points and keep your AoE debuffs up.

Use Coda of Regeneration to heal your party members and yourself. Refresh your Motifs every 30 seconds.

Support souls for this build are awkward due to the fact that none of them help support. Some Recommended souls are: Ranger for its pet, ranged auto attack, and ranged finishers. Saboteur works for its AoE and Burst Damage as well as the increase to dexterity. Marksman adds ranged auto attacks and high damage ranged finishers as well as a buff to increase ranged auto attack speed as mentioned before.

Riftstalker is also a viable option for increases to endurance and armor making your bard a little more resilient.

3.4 Tanking

Rogue TankingTo tank as a rogue you must invest the maximum amount of points into Riftstalker as you can. Put your hard earned talent points into talents that increase your armor or endurance.

A few key talents to look out for in this tree are Rift Guard, Rift Barrier, Planar Refuge, Phantom Blow, and Improved Guardian Phase. With these talents your time tanking will be much easier.

Rift Guard and Rift Barrier are both damage shields absorbing a percentage of damage dealt to the rogue. Rift Barrier activates after using an ability that allows you to plane shift (Shadow Shift/ Shadow Stalk/ Shadow Warp/ Shadow Assault/ Flashback) while Rift Guard is a finishing move that Shields the user from damage with more damage absorbed per combo point used. Invest points into the improved talents of these abilities as well for more damage reduction.

Phantom Blow is an attack that gives a damage reduction buff as well it stacks up to 3 times reducing damage more with each stack lasting 20 seconds. This attack will be one of your main combo point building abilities, make sure you keep the buff up at all times.

Improved Guardian Phase increases the endurance granted by Guardian Phase based on how many points you have invested into the Rift Stalker talent tree starting with a base of 5%. Guardian Phase will be one of your main buffs that you need up at all times while tanking, as it increases threat generated and your endurance giving you more health to take a beating with.

Planar Refuge is a straight forward 30% damage reduction ability that lasts for 10 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown. This ability is very useful in fights where the enemy uses an Enrage and starts doing massive amounts of damage quickly.

Blade Dancer Bar Assassin RiftThe Ultimate Rift Rogue Guide recommends Blade Dancer, Bard, and Assassin for backing up your Riftstalker tank. Any combination of these souls will work just fine so pick what suits you best.

Blade Dancer is a great option for a supporting soul in a tanking setting with talents and abilities that increase dodge.

You can also spend some more points in the tree for the Reprisal ability that allows the rogue to attack an enemy without affecting the global cool down ability. With 6 points into the tree you get the Combat Pose buff that increases the rogue’s dexterity.

Assassin also fits in to this for the 0 point poisons you can add to your melee weapons allowing for some added damage and effects. Using Assassin with 0 talent points allows more points to be put into your main tree.

Bard is the third soul the Ultimate Rift Rogue Guide recommends for a tank build. The Bard soul gives buffs that increase armor and endurance and attack power. Invest your points into the talents Good Health, Street Smart and Anthem of Glory.


4.0 Conclusion

Take the time to play with the builds mentioned above and you’ll become a powerful Rogue in no time, however, any combination of Rogue trees will be fairly efficient so don’t feel constrained by the builds we recommend and thank you for using the Ultimate Rift Rogue Guide. 


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